EMS Weekly Trade


This Trade will be launched on May 6th 2013. The trading will be in CHF/USD in combination with the rare precious metals of Dysprosium, Terbium and Neodymium.


These metals will be traded in private financial institutes in Switzerland and isn’t something the general public can do.These are metals that can’t keep up with the global demand. China alone needs more than what is produced today of these rare metals for their domestic High Tech Industries.


The interest’s rates, guarantees and minimum investment will be presented early May once all the documents and contracts are signed. There will be a BG issued for all investors.

Details of the BG will be presented in May in regards to what it will cover. The Investment is locked for a period of 18 months. There is no compounding and the ROI will be paid weekly into your LR account.

How to invest

Investments to our Liberty Reserve Account U9949738 stating your username 

EMS Weekly Trade

CHF/USD in combination with the rare precious metals of Dysprosium, Terbium and Neodymium

Latest News

August 10th 2015

Hello Friends

Just for info again, Joshua is still in Europe talking the Banks about the final things that hasnt been agreed upon, there are many things that need to match and points they can agree upon, so with that being said its possible to invest still and take in new investors, Joshua didnt want to put the deadline to far ahead as things could progress quickly, new deadline is Aug 30th.

Take care my Friends


July 21st 2015

Hi Guys

FYI, we are about 8 days behind on updating your accounts, so please do not send in multiple emails, this will only make the progress more difficult for us..stay tuned for update soon, Mr. Millard is in Europe but will be back in a couple of days.


July 13th 2015

Hi Everyone !

Just a short note to say that there will be an extension of the deadline for the shares, this mainly because we are a bit behind schedule and this is actually due to the situation in Greece...It WILL NOT be Any problems with the payout but it has slowed down the process due to the fact that All people have been involved in the situation, the delays arent any major ones either, as stated it has just slowed down the process a little..more about that in the upcoming Newsletter..Deadline for purchasing shares is now set to Aug 10th. Talk to you soon again.

July 4th 2015

From all of us here in New York a Happy 4th of July to all of you !!

Management is on business trip regarding the payout of course so cant celebrate with us here..We hope to have the next update next week

God Bless !


June 11th 2015

Q & A in the News Archive now published..

All news items can be found in the News Archive