EMS Weekly Trade


This Trade will be launched on May 6th 2013. The trading will be in CHF/USD in combination with the rare precious metals of Dysprosium, Terbium and Neodymium.


These metals will be traded in private financial institutes in Switzerland and isn’t something the general public can do.These are metals that can’t keep up with the global demand. China alone needs more than what is produced today of these rare metals for their domestic High Tech Industries.


The interest’s rates, guarantees and minimum investment will be presented early May once all the documents and contracts are signed. There will be a BG issued for all investors.

Details of the BG will be presented in May in regards to what it will cover. The Investment is locked for a period of 18 months. There is no compounding and the ROI will be paid weekly into your LR account.

How to invest

Investments to our Liberty Reserve Account U9949738 stating your username 

EMS Weekly Trade

CHF/USD in combination with the rare precious metals of Dysprosium, Terbium and Neodymium

Latest News

April 27th 2016

Hi Guys

Update in News Archive


April 15th 2016

Hi Guys

Just a short note, Mr. Millard states that they are about halfway done with the 10th district and so far no problems in the countries that has been simulated. So great progress there my friends. Also a reminder about the 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 deals in shares. We have had request to extend this but it isnt really up to us as this is a decision made by the banks. Last date is still April 30th. Mr. Millard has however asked the question about extension but its all up to them to decide upon this. So for now its still April 30th that goes.

Please enjoy your weekend Guys and talk soon again.

Also dont forget the lucky draw for April which ends on the same date and the draw will take place May 1st.


April 3rd 2016

Lucky Draw Winners

3000 Dollar to username : BJM1946
1500 DOllar to username : wolf101
750 Dollar to username : rijbe22

Congrats to all, remember that most likely the last day for the 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 Deal is April 30th, Last day to Invest for the April Lucky Draw is also Saturday 30th at midnight US ET.

Good Luck Guys


March 27th 2016

Just a short reminder for the Lucky Draw this Month. Last day to Invest to be in the draw is Thursday 31st midnight to Friday US ET.
Minimum 5 shares invested.

PM U4121947 or C-Gold 19639

1st prize 3000 Dollar
2nd Prize 1500 Dollar
3rd Prize 750 Dollar

Good Luck Guys


March 19th 2016

Small update from Joshua in the News Archive....


All news items can be found in the News Archive