EMS Weekly Trade


This Trade will be launched on May 6th 2013. The trading will be in CHF/USD in combination with the rare precious metals of Dysprosium, Terbium and Neodymium.


These metals will be traded in private financial institutes in Switzerland and isn’t something the general public can do.These are metals that can’t keep up with the global demand. China alone needs more than what is produced today of these rare metals for their domestic High Tech Industries.


The interest’s rates, guarantees and minimum investment will be presented early May once all the documents and contracts are signed. There will be a BG issued for all investors.

Details of the BG will be presented in May in regards to what it will cover. The Investment is locked for a period of 18 months. There is no compounding and the ROI will be paid weekly into your LR account.

How to invest

Investments to our Liberty Reserve Account U9949738 stating your username 

EMS Weekly Trade

CHF/USD in combination with the rare precious metals of Dysprosium, Terbium and Neodymium

Latest News

April 1st 2014

Sorry for delays once again my friends.

Support staff is being trained/educated still about the upcoming process in New York for all of our members. We hope to catch up in the next 7-10 Days. Please do not send your enquiries twice as that only extends the time frame of it all. In the meantime take the opportunity to read the newsletters again in the news section. The workload is enormous but will be worth it for sure my friends. Stay tuned


March 3rd 2014

ID/Passport does NOT need to be in color....Bland and White is ok...sorry for any confusion.....New Update in the News Section of the HCI25 site will be out March 4th.

In regards to the Forex Trade, , as explained in the last news letter this is compounded for Dec and Jan and will be compounded until at least April. This is due to a new Guaranteed Offer we will start with during the summer. So all ok and the result has been added to your Investment.


February 14th 2014

News update and progress in the News Section of the HCI25 site now

February 2nd 2014

Yes, we are alive :) Very sorry for no updates, a detailed Newsletter will be out soon about the payout that actually has occured and its all set in the accounts. Only one minor detail..You ALL have to come to New York ! On our expense of course. Please stay tuned for the News in the next few days.


January 17th 2014

Small update in the News Section of the HCI25 site..

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